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Monday, August 20, 2007

Where Tyler Cowen thinks I'm worth investing in

Now who would've thunk eh? I of all people to receive a merit-based gift from Tyler Cowen?

Well, I'm also quite happy that I can make a decent pitch. So now, I have one really compelling reason to find time to make a film.

I have not read Prof Cowen's new book yet, but just to see how incentives work, I've put up a flyer at work asking for short screenplays and promising the chosen writer money and full screenwriting credit. 1. I hardly get time to write my own stuff. 2. I have to get used to directing other people's writing. And 3. I teach people that more than one creative mind can actually enhance a film, and would like to see if I can come up with a first-hand example. Let me see if I can also come up with some mechanism to chose a decent crew as well.

So thank you Prof Cowen, and thanks Shruti for telling me to give it a shot.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Chennai Metroblog

Seriously, this place is a joke!

It used to be nice, and it used to have intelligent writers. Now most of the stuff on it seems to be written by utter idiots. It is quite embarrassing really, for these guys in some sense represent what Madras has to offer to the world. Also, sad to see something that had much promise decay and die right under your gaze.

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