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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sorry I don't have pictures yet

Late last night after watching a movie and while reading a book, I whimsically looked out of the window. It had been raining all day and the weather report predicted a cold evening for the south.

It looked unusually bright outside for the middle of the night. Low clouds over any city glow dull pink-orange, but it was so bright outside that I thought I could even read my book in that light. I switched off my bedside lamp and drew open the curtains.

For a man from the tropics, I only expect things to fall from the sky, heavily, but I have never seen white fuzzy stuff gently float down and settle on the grass. A white soft blanket over every visible thing that got thicker and thicker as the clouds gave way. I couldn't sleep after that.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why do you like The Godfather?

Due to pressures from family-type groups and other like sources, I have for once decided to write something new in my life that is not about either sex or alcohol.

At first I wanted to write about my cat, but I guess academic considerations and the awe-inspiring tensile strength of my Jansport bag's straps force me to write something else instead.

I have just made a rather rewarding trip to my very good Uni library and have subsequently put my back and my bag under considerable physical stress. The Autumn Term is over, but this only means that essays and portfolios are to be handed in on opening day of Spring Term (I cannot imaging why they call it that - most of it is actually in the Winter).

For my only theoretical unit, on practical criticism of fictional films, I have taken to reading all possible books: From Andre Bazin to Pauline Kael. But I need your help too, kind readers.

Those who know me pretty well will definitely find my choice of film to be rather predictable. But hey! I would never miss out on a chance to talk or write about The Godfather, Plus it would fetch me quite a few credits for my MA.

So you are hereby granted the privilege of being in the hallowed company of Bazin and Kael in assisting me in my essay. Just leave your thoughts about The Godfather(1972) - the movie, or anything else that has to do with it (links maybe?) as a comment to this post. Thanks!

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Jab and Curry

A couple of days ago, Rob, the sound designer on our documentary fell ill: He got mumps! About the same time, Rob, our editor Kyoung-Duk's flatmate fell ill and got mumps!
There was surely something about 'Rob's and mumps, but look at it this way: A whole bunch of us have been cooped up with these two very infectious chaps for two weeks in a 5x5 unventilated edit suite. All the talk about swollen glands and swollen testicles scared us into running to the medical centre for the MMR jab.

After the prick, we had to head somewhere. The Brits seem to love their curry houses and so we ended up in one of those celebrated Bangladeshi run 'Indian' restaurants. The food was OK, but I was surprised to find that they also stacked 'Indian Lager'. Yeah! The Kingfisher - Vijay Mallaya's greatest contribution to India. But strangely I didn't fancy it too much. I think I got used to the stuff here that good old King' tasted too sweet and fruity. Just naan and dhal masala for me.

The place was very typically decorated with cardboard Mughal arches, and pictures of elephants. They also played some Bengali songs low in the background. The chaps were a little confused when I told them I understood as much of it as they did.

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Friday, December 03, 2004


I woke up this morning, opened my window (which has a great view of the city of Bristol - my house is up a hill) expecting to see Victoria park in all its verdant beauty. Instead of lush green, I was greeted by white. Yay! We obviously hit below zero last night and the frost on everything from parked cars to rooftops to slightly lethargic suburban cats was both fascinating and eerie: pretty much like Jack Nicholson from the last shot in The Shining.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ex-Ordinary Day

Compared to most other days, my birthday seemed to have passed without much incident. At least I did not have someone make a video of me Trisha style.

And for all those who wished me. Thanks a lot! Just that there seemed to be something wrong with my mail server that I did not get any of those mails.

Anyway, continuing with the refreshingly 'sober' set of activities, I went to the only South-Indian restaurant in Bristol and had Masala Dosa. That was until David (referred here) turned up and paid for my dosa. Quoting him, "There is nothing nicer than getting a Tamil boy a Dosa for his birthday". I also treated myself to a film ticket, went home quietly and had vatthal kozhambu with thayir saadam. How much better can it get? And mind you, a whole day and not a drop of alcohol! Strange that it had to be on my birthday, because just two days ago, I got wasted at a Christmas party, 'grinding up' a girl I met with some zany dance-moves, and daft enough to forget to get her phone number.

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