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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ex-Ordinary Day

Compared to most other days, my birthday seemed to have passed without much incident. At least I did not have someone make a video of me Trisha style.

And for all those who wished me. Thanks a lot! Just that there seemed to be something wrong with my mail server that I did not get any of those mails.

Anyway, continuing with the refreshingly 'sober' set of activities, I went to the only South-Indian restaurant in Bristol and had Masala Dosa. That was until David (referred here) turned up and paid for my dosa. Quoting him, "There is nothing nicer than getting a Tamil boy a Dosa for his birthday". I also treated myself to a film ticket, went home quietly and had vatthal kozhambu with thayir saadam. How much better can it get? And mind you, a whole day and not a drop of alcohol! Strange that it had to be on my birthday, because just two days ago, I got wasted at a Christmas party, 'grinding up' a girl I met with some zany dance-moves, and daft enough to forget to get her phone number.

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Comments to Ex-Ordinary Day

And I forgot to add. The 'Dosa' restaurant also played some of my favourite 80's Ilayaraja tracks! Kinda completes it doesn't it?

posted by Blogger Anand 

6:26 pm, December 02, 2004

Belated 'appy B'Day Wishes Dude :-)

posted by Blogger vj 

6:52 pm, December 02, 2004


Guessing by the number of "birthday suit" appearances you seem to have made, I guess a quiet birthday was a right thing after all! =)

Mebbe it is the "calm" before the "storm"! :0

Wonder why blogger doesnt support smileys! =(

anyways hope the dosa made ur day!

divya (

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

1:56 pm, December 03, 2004

Belated bday wishes da... hope life has been better than those "wonderful" anna univ days!!

anyways waiting to see ur Movie

posted by Blogger Ari 

3:31 pm, December 03, 2004

Belated wishes on your Birthday!!!!!!

posted by Blogger virajgeeta 

7:52 pm, December 03, 2004

Thanks for the wishes everybody!

posted by Blogger Anand 

7:30 pm, December 05, 2004

hey anand. happy birthday. been reading your blog. you have one very far away man. i met bala suddenly on carter road today. hes not the same though i think. you keep in touch.

take care, and keep the dosas comin!...and get the number next time!

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

10:41 pm, December 05, 2004

Belated Happy Birthday, Anand.

posted by Blogger lazy geek 

2:24 pm, December 06, 2004

Hey Anand! Belated Birthday Wishes, Anand! Btw, you are becoming a pucca english gent - what exactly does 'grinding up' mean? Am too much of a simpleton to guess! :) Ravi

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

9:53 pm, December 06, 2004

Thanks for the wishes anonymous friend of mine, and also a mutual friend of Bala's... but are you Abhi or Adit?
Thanks Lazy and Ravi, and what do you mean you cannot guess what that means? Come on, you have a decent enough imagination don't you?

posted by Blogger Anand 

4:49 pm, December 07, 2004

Hi Anand,
Belated B'day wishes!

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

9:45 am, December 10, 2004

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