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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bonfire night

The fifth of November is Deepavali here. But it was not Kamsa, but an Irish chap called Guy Fawkes whose death (more like public lynching) is celebrated.

It is simlar in many ways. You wake up when it is still dark, (which has got more to do with the season than any tradition of early rising here — we set our clocks back by an hour last week). Then you have a steady downpour (quintessentially Deepavali). And you have juvenile delinquents who scare the neighbours' dogs setting off firworks. It was a nice feeling waking up to screaming 'rockets' and bright colours illuminating the city sky outside your window. The only thing I miss (actually not much nowadays) is Solomon Pappayya and his repetitive domestic wit.

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True. As it is difficult to celebrate Diwali as good as in India, we have to get satisfaction watching the fireworks Bonfire night. Great Posts. Keep it up.

posted by Blogger Brindha Saran 

8:39 pm, November 16, 2004

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