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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

In other news

I have not passed the UGC Net exam. Yay! That puts on hold, at least for a while, my ambitions of becoming a university lecturer in India; much to the delight of my parents.

How do actors feel when they do nude scenes? Just ask me. I did one yesterday!

Whenever I have a 5000 word essay to write, the sun shines and friends call me out to the pub. Whenever I have nothing else to do but the washing, it pours like mad. And when it pours like mad, I wait for the number 8 and I get the 54; I wait for the 54 and I get the 8.

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Bare Truth ?

Well seriously mate, how did that happen?

posted by Blogger Ari 

6:50 pm, November 02, 2004

Come out with the naked truth mate..

posted by Blogger Chakra Sampath 

3:07 pm, November 03, 2004

Were there nude women in the same scene?

posted by Blogger Nilu 

12:23 am, November 05, 2004

Hmm... Unfortunately, no nude women in the scene, yes there was another woman, but she wasn't nude. In fact the primary crew including the director and the cinematographer were women. This meant that I did not quite mind all the attention I got.
Of course, no nude scene is ever shot (unless you're shooting hardcore porn) with actualy nudity. The camera tricks the viewer into beleiving it is a nude scene. We were just trying how good our trickery skills were.

posted by Blogger Anand 

3:02 pm, November 05, 2004

Anand I just wish I could see your mother's face while reading this!!.

posted by Blogger virajgeeta 

11:30 pm, November 05, 2004

Why did you have to spoil my illusion my giving me information I could have done without?.

thou shall Rot in Hell for meddling with my fantasy ;)

posted by Blogger Nilu 

1:46 am, November 08, 2004

hey anand..

glad to see your blog active again..!! was excited to see so many post at one go!!

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

10:05 am, November 08, 2004

I have fond rememberance of university days when I still had the body ;^) and posed nude with a SYT as we were being cast with plaster tape. Anand: go sign up for art class modeling where they pay you. Your stock should rise!!

posted by Blogger YardBoy 

8:27 am, November 09, 2004

My mother actually called me to find out!
As far as the modelling in concerned, just that YB, I can't find the time. Could use the money though. More than the money, the reputation would be useful — Most of the art students here are rich blonde girls.

posted by Blogger Anand 

10:33 pm, November 09, 2004

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