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Saturday, October 30, 2004

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<aside>What? Two posts in the same day? Incredible.</aside>

The best thing about studying film in a place like Bristol is because it is a culturally active city. Just the other day, I watched the Cabinet of Dr Caligari for the first time on a proper big screen. German expressionistic BW silent masterpice from just after WWI runs to packed houses at the Watershed as part of this Bristol Silents season. In fact, Bristol has more 'arthouse' cinemas in the centre. There are only two cinemas that show the likes of Wimbeldon and Bride and Prejudice. Moreover, every place offers students healthy discounts.

< another aside>My only hangup with UK keyboards is that they have switched the @ and " keys</aside>

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Comments to A new post

U seem to have made a lot of friends. A lot.

And yu are rite. One in three do seem to be Chinese here.

And ditto about the buses. Though the service is more prompt here. And empty too.

And how are you taking the weather now?

posted by Blogger satosphere 

5:54 am, October 31, 2004

you might want to especially befriend the dosa-making guy, otherwise it's cold beans and toast for breakfast, courtesy of the English.

posted by Blogger Prince Roy 

11:07 pm, October 31, 2004

Enjoy Bristol, I had chance to live there for about one year and I had lots of fun.

Watershed is a great cinema-house, they have always an outstanding programme and organise an interesting shortfilm festival. Its cafe' has a vibrating atmosphere, missing it.

Check out Espionage at the Thekla on Saturday nights, it's a jump in the '60s, down in a boat, unique.

Great gigs at the Fleece, the Folk House, The Polish Club, The Croft, big names at the Bristol Academy.

You probably already know "Venue".

Have fun.

posted by Blogger noize 

11:30 pm, October 31, 2004

Sat: Almost! Well Almost!

Prince: The last time I had breakfast with an English family, they were having Kellogs! You Americans are everywhere!

Noize: Doing all that! :)

posted by Blogger Anand 

4:27 pm, November 02, 2004

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