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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The retort of a fellow believer

Shakeel Abedi, has this nice blogpost.

In a situation where the word "believer" is looked at with both scorn and pity, (scorn & pity from both the haters of orthodoxy and from the practitioners) I can proudly claim that I too am a believer, and a believer who thinks politically correctly; or to be precise, a believer, but not a thug.

Much of what Shakeel writes about Islam, is I feel entirely suitable to describe the activities of the Hindu fundamentalists as well. Referring to the people who I had written about towards the end of the previous post, these guys also happen to be those "unimaginative nationalist zealots". If I have identified a malaise that we have brought upon ourselves, in the last post, the same spirit of argument can be continued here as well. Our zealots, apart from talk about an unverifiable past, stoke passions based on lies. They identify the malaise, (which is actually a good start) but skew its interpretations—they attribute motives that are external; the perpetrators as "others". And rather than realistically treat what they have identified, they perpetuate it by not looking at it right. The rot is almost always within.

These guys are absolute museum pieces—living ironies: they are not only stupid enough to be impulsive and narrow-minded, but also smart enough identifiers and exploiters of the malaise of the people. They are definitely not the curers of the disease. That is certain!

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Comments to The retort of a fellow believer

So true, Anand. So true. Be the catalyst - you should practice what you write. Hope to attend your wedding in future with a significant 'other'? ;)

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

9:43 am, September 10, 2004

Another Anon Person (or is it the same anon person?): I hope to practice what I say; and what�s this thing about my wedding? Who told you about it? I thought nobody else but� knew about my marriage.

posted by Blogger Anand 

12:45 pm, September 10, 2004

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