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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Hindu scratches the surface

A lack of originality?
Not just that, I sometimes perceive it as a wilful destruction of self-respect, and an uncontrollable urge to be recognised as the bastard of the big shot. The way these people refer to the various "woods".
Somehow this preference to be imitators / bastards seems to run deep; so deep that it is the natural thing to do.

But I don�t think the film industry is the only one that seems to revel in this. A friend of mine, from animation school, is disillusioned with that field as it exists in India. Just like the 'plantation-like' situation in the BPO sector, animation in India it seems, is just full of so many sweatshops that do the colouring, in-betweens etc for animation projects that are conceived and developed elsewhere. The pay is good, the portfolios might be real impressive, but the work is lousy. There seems to be absolutely no room for creativity and innovation.

I really can�t talk too much about the IT industry, but I have a strong feeling that the case is similar. India might be touted as the world�s back-office, with a knowledge-based economy reaping the benefits of the growing services sector. Glorified plantation workers, if you ask me!

The whole reason why we as a nation might be bankrupt of any initiative is not because there aren�t talented people, there are many; but I feel it is because of the systemic internalisation of a situation that not only makes us allow ourselves to be, but also gives us our kicks by being mediocre clerks; always taking instructions, never thinking of innovation.

Yet, Orwell was right but, Freedom is slavery, and slavery is freedom. It is true that not every person can be, or should be an innovator, pioneer or leader. What really hurts me is to see an almost sweeping acceptance of mediocrity. Just to reiterate, we are not just accepting, but revelling in mediocrity; to the extent that even the "leaders" can�t think beyond imitation.

Another problem is that those who advocate a certain brand of nationalism, provoking pride in our allegedly colonised sprits, are also idiots. They keep talking about an unverifiable glorious past, and never about the present, or contemplate a future. And consequently, they too have no ideas of their own.

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Comments to The Hindu scratches the surface

Very well written....We seem to lack creativity and innovativeness in many of the mundane things that we do ranging from movies to IT...Unfortunately we seem to rejoice in this mediocrity which is quite ironic.

I cannot agree with you more...

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

2:39 am, September 10, 2004

Anon: Thanks!

posted by Blogger Anand 

12:46 pm, September 10, 2004

Freedom is slavery, and slavery is freedom:

The English language, once the medium of imperial repression, is now the means whereby the subcontinent can take wealth and jobs from the United Kingdom. But as you point out, these jobs are just another form of "slavery". It is ironic the way these things work out.

posted by Blogger a from l 

8:29 pm, September 10, 2004

Andrew: Irony is the most interesting thing to come out of history!

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:47 am, September 11, 2004

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