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Monday, November 22, 2004

A Brief Encounter

I somehow feel 30 years too late:
I am a vegetarian, I listen to rock music, have long hair and sizeable side-burns.
Yes! Thirty years too late. Because right now, none of these things are fashionable. For that matter, they are proper 'turn-offs'!
Add to all that my admiration for The Godfather!

Last week Bristol hosted the 10th edition of the annual Brief Encounters short-film festival. I managed to catch a few screenings. But most of all I managed to spend 6 quid to attend Anthony Minghella's lecture.

When I began to worry that not too many of my classmates looked up to it, Anthony did me a huge favour by devoting a considerable amount of time discussing the restaurant scene in The Godfather. His focus was on Walter Murch's contribution.

Just that morning, we had had a nice discussion in class about sound design where I spent a considerable amout of time discussing the very scene.

I felt thoroughly vindicated!

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Comments to A Brief Encounter

Would love to kno what you had discussed da.. i love that scene its almost the dream scene for any mafia movie. If you could find the screenplay for MAX PAYNE try getting it (its a game) but amazin screenplay...

have fun...

posted by Blogger Ari 

7:32 pm, November 24, 2004

Why impose boundaries and be blinded by what is beyond them?

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

11:40 pm, November 24, 2004

Don't worry. We all know fashion evolves and you evolve with fashion. So remove your side burns and jell in with the crowd! :-)

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

6:58 am, November 26, 2004

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