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Saturday, December 30, 2006

To commemorate

Today, the day we liquidate our enemies, here's Stewie furthering our foreign policy. But not before OBL's had his bit of fun.

Family Guy: Osama Bin Laden - video powered by Metacafe

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Copious amounts of Shyte

Story to be read as:

"Dear Sathyam cinemas, I am Mu Karunanidhi, and I hate the fact that people voluntarily pay you shitloads of money to watch interesting films in plush seats, while this poor asshole who lobbied with me is sure that more people would watch his crappy film if only it cost them very little, or nothing."

Also, look forward to:

"From Jan 1st 2008, the TN government will pay poor people Rs 50 a month to watch boring films in infested cinema halls. This will also help cinemas that have been hit by a slump in patronage. 1 stone 2 mangoes."

But never ever expect to read:

"The benevolent Karunanidhi government realises that poor people cannot advertise in The Hindu, so it imposes a ceiling on the ad rates N Ram can charge. 50cc space to be sold for no more than Rs.2/-, full-page spread thanking Kalaigner for his magnanimity to be sold for a maximum of Re.1.20Np ONLY."

Update: Here's some juice on how film producers could leverage variable pricing to their advantage, instead of getting all protectionist. Via Gilli

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