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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Copious amounts of Shyte

Story to be read as:

"Dear Sathyam cinemas, I am Mu Karunanidhi, and I hate the fact that people voluntarily pay you shitloads of money to watch interesting films in plush seats, while this poor asshole who lobbied with me is sure that more people would watch his crappy film if only it cost them very little, or nothing."

Also, look forward to:

"From Jan 1st 2008, the TN government will pay poor people Rs 50 a month to watch boring films in infested cinema halls. This will also help cinemas that have been hit by a slump in patronage. 1 stone 2 mangoes."

But never ever expect to read:

"The benevolent Karunanidhi government realises that poor people cannot advertise in The Hindu, so it imposes a ceiling on the ad rates N Ram can charge. 50cc space to be sold for no more than Rs.2/-, full-page spread thanking Kalaigner for his magnanimity to be sold for a maximum of Re.1.20Np ONLY."

Update: Here's some juice on how film producers could leverage variable pricing to their advantage, instead of getting all protectionist. Via Gilli

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Comments to Copious amounts of Shyte

on an unrelated note:

i just realized u are the 'anand' of anjali fame. man u have no idea how big a fan i am.

i was discussing your blog with my cousin and she took one look at ur eyes and said 'kutti' anand. she was ur classmate in PSBB.

bloody hell! u have no idea how many times i have seen anjali and the scenes that u come in.

posted by Blogger Hawkeye 

4:31 am, December 23, 2006

evalavu periya fanaa irunthu enna priyojanam photova paathu unga thalaivara kandu pudikka mudiyele ungalala.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

11:06 am, December 24, 2006

Hawkeye: Shocking to know that I have been 'found out'. Further shocked to know that you 'discuss' my blog with cousins. Cheers mate, and as anon hints at, time to reconsider your name!

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:36 am, December 25, 2006

Hey Anand -

When I first saw your picture where you are "thanni Pottufying" with blogmates in an event.. I knew it was the kutti payyan which I saw in almost all Maniratnam movies of the 90's. I mean in the "vodka" picture, you actually had a beard and all but still I knew it had to be 'that' kutti payyan ;-)

And then I started reading your blog and the picture here was unmistakably pointing to the vaalu payyan we saw in movies when we were schooling in Madras.

Quite recently we were watching 'Thalapathi' and there you were again rescuing the great (baby) 'Rajini' from the train. LOL..

Thanks Hawkeye for bringing this up, now that it's all confirmed I can rest in peace :P

Anand, do you really like "Potato Roast" that much like you claimed in one of movies ;)

posted by Anonymous Uma 

11:09 pm, December 28, 2006

'potato roast' wasn't from any movie but i think its from 'penn' TV series where he plays a boy with cancer. 'Kutti Padmini' plays kutti anand's mom! Boy! did i have a crush on kutti padmini.


ya! i didnt get a decent glimpse of the photo in this blog. in either case my cusin had to point it out for me.


my cousin is 'harini' from your PSBB class.

posted by Blogger Hawkeye 

8:29 pm, January 06, 2007

so its true after all! :) u r the anand of anjali fame! :) no wonder u looked so familiar! ;)

posted by Blogger hrish thota 

3:59 pm, November 07, 2007

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