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Monday, September 29, 2003

CAS and changing preferences in Chennai
Last evening, the popular Satyam theatre complex was crowded; so crowded that people were literally spilling out on the stairs and onto the street. Naturally, all the shows were running House Full, including for a non-descript movie nobody would otherwise watch.
What do you say? You travel all the way to Satyam to find your favourite movie on House full, and would you want to return home just like that? Having come this far, any movie would do. Yesterday, we guys weren�t even that lucky.
Vipul explained it with the CAS theory that HBO is off-air. I was not very sure, and wanted to blame the holiday season; but I guess this has been the case at the cinemas for the past few weeks. What happened to the video rental parlours? Or (I want to be happy), has the big screen returned to popular taste? Or as Vipul, Mihir and I finally agreed, is �going out� back? Well a lot of factors deliberately, accidentally, or not-at-all, seem to have come together to create another hopeless weekend in an increasingly crowded city.
So we were left with no option but to go to Coffee Day and Landmark to bird-watch (people-watch to be politically correct, and preferentially incorrect) and incessantly talk about music, movies, books, philosophy and life.

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