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Monday, September 22, 2003

Back from Hyd
Thanks to VSNL (or Tata Indicom or whatever), I could not inform the world that I was leaving for Hyderabad on Friday. And now I am back.
It was called an �industrial visit�. Turned out to be quite an excuse in every sense of the word. Hyderabad is a lovely place but I just have one gripe. All the guys look like the villain from Jeyam and the girls... what girls? That�s precisely the point. The sex ratio in public (even in the apparently �happening� Imax theatre complex) was pathetic. Something like 500:1 M:F. Forget ratios, I�m talking about visibility and watchability. My mother, who has spent a substantial part of her youth in Andhra Pradesh informs me that Hyderabad is not representative of the whole state. I don�t want to sound sexist, but what the heck? It isn�t healthy.
This morning, on the 17D back from Central Station we passed through college Road and WCC and now I know why I love my city.

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