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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Kadhal Konden
What a wonderful film. Remarkable script and really good work by Danush. Tamil film and television have been full of formulaic, trite mastershot-closeup-intercut-mastershot filmmaking, that this movie stands out. Almost every director today seems to be affected by television, and in fact, make their movies for the small screen that I find it surprising that they complain about their films being seen on video CD. Prompting of dialogue and cues and the resultant reliance on the montage detract from positive storytelling. Kadhal Konden in that sense is good because Selvaraghavan has �staged� very well. The storyline is also hassle free without unnecessary �tracks� and unwanted songs. Dhanush�s performance is good for one simple reason, not just for his facial expression and dialogue delivery, but for his body language. Not many actors are able to emote in a long-shot or in a lengthy shot. Yuvan Shankar Raja has shown his brilliance; not only in the songs, but also in his seamless background score.

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