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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Last night Kingsley and I saw Shankar�s Boys. I went in with very low expectations because of so much bad press; and I liked the movie. But alas, Shankar is no deSica. This movie has all the masochistic traumas of the realistic film, but Shankar cannot be a complete realist; and that is his stamp. There is this classic Shankar naivet� and a somewhat detached sense of fantasy. Yet I liked the movie for what it is. Plus, I am somewhat bemused by all the objections about the portrayal of adolescence. I can sure point out too many Tamil films and filmmakers who have made it more vulgar than shown here. So screw the moralists!
One thing is, for the first time in a Shankar movie, the last song of the film seemed �in-place�.

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