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Monday, September 22, 2003

The most enjoyable part of my Hyderabad experience was watching an Imax movie. Being brought up on normal size cinema, the only way we would get to experience the �train scaring away the restaurant guests� at the first Lumiere screening, is to watch an Imax movie. Of course there is the novelty factor, but there is a lot of potential too. What the movie theatre is to television, Imax is to the movie theatre. Filmmaking in such a large format requires a further refinement of the cinema�s visual and aural grammar. To most television-type filmmakers with absolutely flimsy visual sense and attention seeking edits, Imax is not the medium. It requires much more talent and discipline than what many of today�s tele-tized directors (whose work fares so badly even on the normal large screen) think they possess.
I believe that David Lean, or Akira Kurosawa, or Stanley Kubrick would be best suited to make the transition to the new medium. Yours truly, who is a big fan/wannabe heir apparent to the genius of these guys would definitely like to do that since all three are now dead.
I wonder why Imax, while sporting a good number of documentaries, has not thrown up a good fictional film. I wonder how fiction would fare in this medium. I guess it would redefine the concept of the mise-en-scene and staging.

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