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Monday, March 05, 2007

Can you define?

Just to revive an old discussion (for which I cannot be bothered to dig up permalinks from the archives), what do you think are the differences between:
1. what a screenwriter does, and what a director does?
2. what a director does, and what a producer does?

Not too many people in 'the industry' seem to know the answers, especially those who think they do. And while on the topic of wholesome ignoramuses, please stop calling production managers, production designers. That does not sound cool, that is merely being stupid!

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Comments to Can you define?

Anand: This might be slightly out of scope and I don't even know if these questions were meant to be rhetorical in nature. But let me verbalize it anyways.

Another discussion that I would love to start (and participate too) is - How much of credit/responsibility for the soundtrack (the final version), should a director (in the Bollywood/Kollywood system) take?

posted by Blogger anantha 

3:37 am, March 06, 2007

A producer invests in the project for commercial gain and may or may not have influence on various aspects of the movie that have a bearing on its commercial success. Greater the standing of a director the smaller the influence of or interference from the producer.

A screen writer makes the story board based on a script. When the director is not also the screen writer then he or she brings this story board to life through cinematography.

posted by Anonymous Anand 

4:36 am, March 10, 2007

From a 'story' a screenplay is developed, often with the help of story boards (not necessarily in Bolly/Kollywood).

In s/w parlance, the producer is the stake-holder, the "client". He may give a free hand to the writer/director or he may not.
The screenwriter is the analyst/architect/designer. The director is the programmer.
While some write with 'editing' in mind and some shoot with editing in mind (Kurosawa), editing is a different process, often marginalized. A screenwriter who is not a director is not involved in editing but a director has to sit in the editing table. That, is the main difference

posted by Anonymous Rastafari 

10:34 am, March 12, 2007

a Production Manager is involved in the operations and executions of film production. A Production Designer is none other than the art director

posted by Anonymous Rastafari 

10:35 am, March 12, 2007

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