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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Somebody please racially abuse me

STEP 2: I can arrange for a film-crew to record it.
STEP 3: You can then threaten to kill me if that film is ever shown.
STEP 4: Priyaranjan Dasmunsi can arrange for the gruesome film of my victimisation to be screened in Parliament.
STEP 5: I may even be able to land some interesting jobs.
STEP 6: Maybe you can get a cut!

PS:Paappaan is not too far from poppadom!

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11:01 pm


Comments to Somebody please racially abuse me

hey is that pic yours. No wonder you have such big ears. Your ears look like that of elves!.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

10:28 am, February 25, 2007

does arya baadu count?

posted by Blogger I 

2:19 am, February 28, 2007

you look blue in the photograph!
you fucking blue, how dare you post a photo of yourself

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

1:37 am, March 01, 2007

If I was as dark as you were, I wouldn't say Hi to folk, I'd say BOO!

posted by Anonymous bachodi 

7:56 pm, March 01, 2007


posted by Blogger Anantha 

3:23 am, March 03, 2007


posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

4:22 pm, April 20, 2007

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