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Monday, January 22, 2007

Sai Baba Embraces Atheism

It appears that when it comes to serving the needs of the people, faith (or the lack of it) does not seem to bother our leaders. Today Tamil Nadu CM M.Karunanidhi shared the dais with prominent godman Sai Baba to inaugurate the lining of some water thingamajig for the thingy of the stuff.

When reporters questioned him about sharing public space with a renowned atheist, the saffron-robed, afro-sporting godman had this to say: "It is not serving god that counts, but to think if god exist at all!"

Many prominent commentators like Dr. Acharya 'Som' Pandey point out that this indicates a slow, but definite move towards the secularisation of god-worship. Dr. Pandey also quickly adds that since the Rig Veda talks extensively about a prevalent atheism even amongst the gods (also referred to by B.M.H. Bradley as "Deist Existentialism", in his seminal 1932 book, Rig Veda for Dummies), today's announcement by the Baba is only a reaffirming of the atheist core of Sanathana Dharma.


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