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Monday, January 01, 2007

This Theatre is Certified with TN Agmark

Who's worse than a Commie do-gooder? A politician who is always ready to listen to 'requests', and yet couch his policies as Commie do-gooder rhetoric. (link via Kaps)

This is what is at the root of most of our twisted & verbose laws and government-set standards & procedures. Every single lobbyist/humble request-seeker/vote bank has to be satiated proportionately.

And what the fuck's with the "seats at least 20 inch wide, a 41.5-inch gap between two rows" business? Just a couple of days ago, at work, we were mulling over a THX style certification system for cinemas in Chennai/South India. Now we have the government doing it for us. Interestingly, the environment lobby's not that big in TN (or the popcorn lobby, or the noisy-bastard-on-his-cellphone lobby), then they'll have the government looking at crossover networks, sound isolation, lamp brighness, amp wattage etc.


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