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Monday, January 15, 2007

Talking Libertarianism to the Liberals

Lawrence Lessig of Creative Commons talks to a bunch of liberals who would rather not have any copyright laws.

Warning: Video is a little long and also has dodgy synch!

Lessig comes across as a sensible liberal (yeah I know!) who understands a few things well. Some of his important points are:

1. Getting rid of copyright discourages creativity by reducing the incentive to benefit from the creation.

2. To make somebody abandon their right to enforce their copyright, and make them agree to a universal freedom-to-copy is basically anti-liberty (he calls it imperialistic).

3. Romanticising hacking (like romanticising terrorism) is not going to win the hearts of Americans/ordinary people, and is actually counter-productive, as all free-to-copy supporters are viewed as thieves.

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