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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Odd Dyssey Code

Slightly smarmy (secretly paedophilic) Lobert Rangdon, finds the curator of the James Joyce institute murdered. Then follows his racy adventure of finding out the centuries old conspiracy hatched by scholars of Classics to hide the actual identity (and gender) of Homer. James Joyce, in his Ulysses had hidden little clues (did he ever not) to the truth that Homer indeed was a woman. In a new reading it is found that it is actually Stephen Dedalus who represents Odysseus, Leopold Boom represent HC Earwicker, Molly Bloom stands for Nora Barnacle, Nora Barnacle stands for Homer, Homer stands for Joyce, and also that Leopold Bloom is not just homosexual, but that he's also a hermaphrodite.

These new readings intensely excite Rangdon, especially the idea that Dedalus is also secretly represented as an eight-year-old girl who constantly licks a big red lollypop (the holy grail). He teams up with street urchin turned professional Thai-kickboxer Nophie Sevueueueuexiselleette (terribly French sounding name that!). Now Nophie (easier to use her first name here) unknown to either of them is actually Ithaca.

But before that, the dynamic duo have to contend with the secret organisation of retired Classics professors, the Herodotus Died. These leatherclad vile old men practice BDSM and have attempted to hide for centuries the truth that Homer was a woman (or at-least a cross dresser). The only piece of evidence that have is found in an art Gallery called the riverrun which, in reverse is nurrevir, which means nothing, but read in Greek does not mean Ithaca, who is actually Nophie.

Rangdon is forced to go into hiding as the wily professors of Classics have hidden clues (and also in a fit of uncontrollable humour, little colourfully painted chocolate eggs) throughout the works of James Joyce. While Rangdon and Nophie solve all the puzzles, one that involves the riddle What is pink and long? (Answer: a pink thread) confounds them to no end. Their adventure ends when they discover the answer quite by accident, when studying Joyce's childhood, where he is asked the same question in Catholic school.

Feminists organisations overwhelmingly take to this interpretation of Greek Literature, and this in turn helps Rangdon to finally get laid. Yet, questions remain unanswered, especially regarding the clues hidden by Matt Groening, when his Homer says "D'oh!". This mystery is discussed in the sequel, The Springfield Beer Bottle

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posted by Blogger D.N.A. 

11:42 pm, July 07, 2006

Otha! What the heck was this. Thalai suthings

posted by Blogger Ravages 

11:58 am, July 10, 2006

Old joke, but thalai sutthina, naalu pakkamum easya paakkalaam!

posted by Blogger Anand 

10:14 pm, July 10, 2006

but thalai sutthina, naalu pakkamum easya paakkalaam! vazhga.

good spoof. i enjoyed it.

posted by Blogger Hawkeye 

7:11 pm, July 11, 2006

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