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Thursday, May 11, 2006

முதல் கையெழுத்து

1. I don't care about rice or poor brides or television. Just get rid of Tasmac!

2. Also from this (via) we know that we also want some proper debauched entertaintment... we are all bloody desperate and sex starved. So get ridda the PMK as well.

5:46 pm


Comments to முதல் கையெழுத்து

is the tasmac, next to your house, troubling so much.

posted by Anonymous lazy geek 

3:50 am, May 13, 2006

I want a TASMAC t-shirt!

posted by Blogger Kingsley 

6:08 am, May 20, 2006

TASMAC serves millions of rounds to unhappy Tamils and makes them happy. So open as many TASMAC bars as possible and remove the temple idols and place Periyar statues inside.

Also don't forget to mention Kalaignar words on the walls that don't collapse. Sell some more packet Kauvery water for Rs 3.00 and provide rice for Rs.2.00.

I love Tamil, Tamil Nadu, Jai Hind.

posted by Anonymous tamilamma 

9:33 pm, August 05, 2007

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