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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Announcing 'Recursive Puking'

Back in the days of the VHS when American B-movies were staple stuff over the holidays, I remember this film Problem Child, followed by what else, a sequel. Now what's that got to do with a quintessentially Nilu invention? There is one scene I remember from PC2 where one kid puking on another in a themepark ride results in all the 'riders' ending up puking on one another.

These days I'm reasonably jobless, so decided to try a little social experiment where likeminded bloggers are invited to join in.

Now I post something that to me is a very important and serious idea that I want to communicate to my readers, but when I do that, I also put a little sign on it, entirely voluntarily, -r.p.c-, short for candidate for recursive puking. Now what you do is then write a post puking on my 'serious' post, and link to it as a comment to my original post.

To carry the experiment forward, the next 'serious' issue post you write 'must' carry a -r.p.c- mark to invite others to puke on it. And it goes on like that, until we have all puked on each other.

Note 1: To know what a pukefest is, please visit Nilu's blog. This means that your puke should be vitriolic, but at the same time, also be entertaining, and of some academic interest at-least.

Note 2: The -r.p.c- mark on your post is only to create an identity for 'recursive pukers', and does not in any way qualify as a 'do-not-touch-my-other-posts signal'. Please feel free to puke on other posts as well, but that would not qualify it for being part of the 'recursive pukefest'. This implies that Nilu's regular pukefests do not qualify for the 'mela'.

Note 3: The format for the 'pukefestable' mark is sacrosanct and should follow the following html code: <small><i>-r.p.c-</i></small>
The mark should also be displayed distinctly and cleary at the end of the post.

Note 4: This post features 'the mark', but in a purely germane manner, and therefore does not throw it open (some sort of pun intended) for recursive puking.

Note 5: Every few days or so, one of the recursive pukers (having decide 'who' amongst themselves) hosts a bunch of links on his/her blog commemorating a selection of notable posts and their puke counterparts.

Note 6: Start puking! With my next post of-course.

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Comments to Announcing 'Recursive Puking'

I just died laughing.

posted by Blogger neha vish 

3:14 am, April 19, 2006

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

posted by Blogger Ravages 

12:34 pm, April 20, 2006

Do I smell a tag?

posted by Anonymous tamizhan 

9:19 am, April 29, 2006

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