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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nothing wrong?

In fact, I find absolutely nothing wrong with giving away free colour televisions. Ok, so what's wrong even if it is to promote the family business? Every family needs to promote its own business... that's what we mean by business.

But I do have one small niggling doubt. You can watch the news on TV and apparently can enrich your mind, but I have seen one or two things that would have been ridiculosly funny, only if they were not vaguely disturbing (one of them is even illegal!)

They are cheap to produce, cater to the baser instincts of the viewer and are perniciously addictive.


One programme was the ever-popular north Indian teleshopping thingy that was selling some sort of medallion that would help ward off 'evil eyes'. I suppose it even had testimonials from users and mentioned one or two (and to be politically correct, from various faiths and denominations) 'gurus', who had apparently deviced the said trinket after years of 'reasearch'.

The other was a quintessentially south Indian thing (Telugu dubbed)... the sort of stuff Vivek makes comedy out of. Yellow coloured milestones with red tongues painted on them. Invariably they involve CGI snakes from outerspace, cloned images of a dancing green godess, with many hands and as many weapons, a crying woman in red and yellow and a dying husband and quick zoom-in canted-shots of the said woman's 'thali'.

Free colour television indeed... yes please!


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Comments to Nothing wrong?

Free marijuana would be better.

posted by Blogger I 

7:20 pm, April 29, 2006

"so what's wrong even if it is to promote the family business?"
-- what's wrong is that it happens in tax-payer's money. i wouldn't mind if sun tv's exchequer is being emptied for this.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

10:13 pm, April 29, 2006

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