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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Gonads of Paarathi (not Bhaarathi)

While the pleasures of unsolicited puking are unmeasurable, when someone invites you to puke on him, there is one offer I cannot refuse.

What Selective Amnesia forgets (not ironically), is that people who read his blog expect him to write something of his own, and not just reproduce some other guy's stuff. But that's what they say about those who cannot fuck: they read porn and masturbate.

CC himself attests to his said impotence in the last line of his post; he also attempts to cloak his purveyance of pornography with the thin veil of poetry.
Note: As I am not him, I would not try and draw your attention to the very clever multilingual pun, and textual reference in the previous line.

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Comments to The Gonads of Paarathi (not Bhaarathi)

Puked, but not effectively. But I will put it down to your first retching session. You still haven't eaten enough crap to puke properly.

"people who read his blog expect him to write something of his own, "

So, there are actually people who read my blog. Awesome, i tell you.

posted by Blogger Ravages 

6:01 pm, April 20, 2006

ivlo ellam insult pannanum nu avasiyamae illa.Nalla palakkam thaan Nilu solli kuduthu irukaan,cha cha

posted by Anonymous Vijay 

7:19 pm, April 20, 2006

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