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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Rani Chandran Memorial

This is a message for all PSBBians. Many of you might be aware that efforts are already underway to keep Mrs. Chandran's memory alive. Considering the overwhelming response the news of her passing away generated, we hope to continue with our efforts to translate our fondness for her into something concrete that would be in keeping with her spirit and all that she stood for.

Two things are in the pipeline already. At school, there are efforts on to institute an annual award in her name. People like TS Vikram and Srivi are spearheading the effort and need as many people to get involved as possible. In typical Bob Geldof fashion, "We need the money, and your ideas! So get in touch with Vikram right away. vikramts(at)yahoo(dot)com."

Another thing happening is a scrapbook of memories, also in Live Aid fashion, being put together in three places across the globe. If you have thoughts about RC, little anecdotes, pictures, etc.. please post them (write, and not type messages) ASAP (with added Geldof stress!) to either of these addresses:

SriSrividhiya.K (Srivi)

Vikram Srinivasan (Vikram.T.S)
(from the 12F1 class in the '98 batch)

Priti Nagarajan

The other idea I have is a little too 'Geldof' ambitious as well. Vikram first got in touch with me with an idea for this. I have to admit that the reason I caught on to it might have a lot to do with a weird sense of adventure on my part, but nevertheless, here goes:

I think we can put together an audio-visual scrapbook. This would involve audio/visual testimonials delivered and recorded from around the world by her students (from all three schools she taught in), her friends, and family. Now, if somehow people got together, recorded stuff through DV cameras, webcams, mobile phones, directly onto to computers as audio files, or whatever; the stuff could be sent over to me, and I'll attempt to put together what would be a multi-author documentary. Mail me details if you have any ideas for this as well.

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