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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

But then again...

Whenever I mention Murch, I cannot but continue. I think I've already posted this link, but here goes again: Walter Murch articles

Apart from a link to the Dense Clarity, Clear Density article I spoke about in the last post, there are quite a few other nice articles, and in the one titled Stretching Sound to Help the Mind See, he talks about the in utero soundscape. This somehow has an uncanny analogy in my very own 'cave experience'. After all, at the end of the mini caving adventure, emerging out into the noisy blinding city through a small hole somehow compared to being born; and just like how Murch finishes his article, the pleasures of being able to use the other senses, is somehow coupled with the saddening loss (in primacy) of subtle sound perception.

As far as film sound goes, Murch cites Michel Chion's concept of the acousmĂȘtre. One can stretch its definition a bit. Storytelling is all about creating tension. There are tremendous possibilities present in the audio-visual medium (the A-V order is deliberate). For those of you who have read Ponniyin Selvan, and have found the tunnel scenes fascinating; there is a way in which it can be properly translated from the written word.

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