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Friday, June 17, 2005


There was a point when Mozart's 40th was my favourite piece of music, but ever since it became a popular ringtone, I've avoided it for some reason. It had become a bit too 'popular' for my liking. When something slips into the same league as the Crazy Frog (for those who do not know him, he's an irritating naked frog who rides an invisible scooter, prompting you to immediately hit mute or change channel on TV), you are not too inclined to publicly admit that you like it.

I then happened to hear the 40th on radio the other day and boy was it good. I suppose there is a reason for it being so popular.

4:52 pm


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Ringtones are not in the same league as symphonies. Are they? :)

posted by Blogger Pleomorphous 

6:23 pm, June 17, 2005

Had a cassette collection of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. It's still there in Chennai and reg. the 40th, you are right. It feels different :-)

posted by Blogger thennavan 

3:48 am, June 18, 2005

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posted by Blogger Bud Wiser 

12:14 pm, October 02, 2005

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