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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Project Commissioned

My MA project has been announced. I will be the Sound Designer on the film. This is rather interesting because I come from a film industry in India in which sound plays a very very different role. There are elaborate technical and logistical, if not creative processes in the making of songs in movies. The music director takes care of the creative use of sound for most of the rest of the film too in the form of the background score. "Effects recording" is a technical process which does involve creative use of sound, but mostly restricted to irritating footsteps and creaking doors. The idea of a sound designer leading the aural narration of the film has been absent because the director, the effects technician and the music director take care of this job in pieces. Only very recently have proper sound designers been employed, and that has mostly to do with films using "live sound". In an industry weaned on the "Flour Mill" Arriflex and Nagra combo, location sound recording seems to be an activity lacking in any discipline. Plus most of our actors can't talk for themselves. So the experienced Sound Designer has now been used to get "clean" location sound in India.

But recording clean location sound is an almost taken-for-granted activity here. It is in the aesthetic design of sound and its mixing that the Sound Designer is expected to show maximum creativity and expertise. Though, learning to record clean location sound is a big task in itself. The aim is to master it and get it out of the way.

I "might", and the might comes in double inverted commas, blog the film production process from the point of view of the Sound Designer. Pre-production starts now with a dry run / script-test shoot scheduled for the week after next. Production will be in April/March and post-production is scheduled immediately after principal photography ends.

(Rubs hands in anticipation)

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Comments to Project Commissioned

Are you Anand from PSBB?

posted by Blogger Saranya Kishore 

1:04 am, January 20, 2005

Yes, I am Anand, and I am from PSBB, batch of 1998! Are you by anychance the Saranya who studied with me in 10E?

posted by Blogger Anand 

5:28 pm, January 20, 2005

innna innaavo solre... onnume pureeeela ba..

posted by Blogger Chakra Sampath 

8:44 pm, January 20, 2005

Inna Sakra, Madras pona appala Damil fanala?

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:30 pm, January 20, 2005

Anand, Well, Saranya is just a pseudo name.
I was a year senior to you. Nice to see your page. No movies on hand buddy? :)
Keep writing. It is nice to read stuff about something, I totally dont know head or tail of!
Thanks to Kiruba I stumbled upon your page.

posted by Blogger Saranya Kishore 

4:57 am, January 21, 2005

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