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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Gramdmother�s gossip
Here is another post on mythological characters: this one is a juicy piece of gossip from my grandmother. She has read in the recent issue of Kumudham Bhakti Special that Hanuman, considered a noble celibate in Hindu mythology, had a son through a Sri Lankan lady. Of course our warped yellow journalists (yellow being a holy colour for Hindus) have talked about Hanuman�s sweat falling on a Sri Lankan woman as he burnt the island (an alleged act of terrorism in another debate). So much for sex education: they have a problem identifying the proper bodily fluid. Plus the article has a picture of the interracial child as well (an artists impression I guess).
For those who have seen Shankar�s �Boys�, Kumudham Bhakti Special is the book the character Krishna hides his porn in

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