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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Alma Matters
Today, personal work took me to PSBB and Loyola. I have been to these places hundreds of times since graduating, yet every time I return, there is a sense of nostalgia. Don�t mistake me: I do not want to relive my student life; especially the grind of high school academics, which I want to forget. What I will not forget are the moments of great achievement, glory, delight and na�ve enjoyment of life. I sound like a sixty year old. :p
I take the liberty afforded by kinship to harangue that the Viscom department of Loyola never learns. They had organised a graphic design exhibition today and I got to know of it only when I went there. The guys have promised that they will be a lot more vociferous in the future. I too have promised to spread the word the next time I get to know of anything. For starters, here�s the brand new website of The Department of Visual Communication Loyola College Chennai

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