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Friday, July 04, 2003

Prof. Kalam and the Spanish Balcony
Right now, we have classes conducted in a very beautiful building: a very special building as well. This white, two-storied, European style place, I�ve heard, used to be the office of Prof. Kalam before he became The President of India. I�ve also heard that it is one of the oldest buildings in the Guindy Engineering College campus and was recently renovated and restored. Besides all the hearsay, I really like the place. Our classroom looks like a small chapel with rows of chairs and tables leading up the �aisle� to a sanctuary-like teacher�s area complete with an arch. The really good part is the light and ventilation. There is a huge balcony, running along the full side of the room with enormous columns and big doorways. Right now, the weather is fine with light drizzle and the trees at AU are lush.
I am not exactly a v�sthu type person, but Prof. Kalam is supposed to have spent some time at this place and then became President. We guys are gonna spend an entire semester there... what great things are we to look forward to?

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