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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Mordechai Vanunu
I�ve just finished seeing the BBC�s documentary about the Israeli nuclear whistle-blower. It is no surprise to see that Israel under the lenient eye of the United States has managed to do something that even the greatest enemies of Pax-Americana could not achieve.
This programme brought a very important question to my mind. What is patriotism? This exalted principle seems ridiculous in certain cases. Democracy and freedom are other such words. These are, of course words, but the meanings they convey are profound. I have discussed this before: but does democracy guarantee people the power to question authority, even if it means questioning The State that granted the people this power? Unfortunately many in power do not realise that no state grants freedom and democracy, it merely ensures it. Freedom and democracy are naturally the right of all people.
Looking at the Israeli example, could such things happen in India as well? Or are we too diverse and open a country that I should, in foolhardy patriotism, think that it would not. Should I believe in the eventual triumph of freedom and democracy or succumb to the clout of those that act extra-constitutionally and have double standards to protect?

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