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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I got the contact sheet index print for the first roll of my Bombay photographs and am reasonably pleased with all the pictures. Once I finish the second roll and check its pictures I shall order for prints. Then, I�d scan and put them up on the net.
In the good old days, (I sound like an old man) we used to get contact sheets for rolls. What was good about them was the fact that they (the individual pictures) were not exposure corrected. Usually the entire roll is given standard exposure for printing: therefore the photographer could check relative exposure, colour balance and contrast range with one standard. Yet, any lab assistant could screw up the photographer�s vision by imposing his own idea of what good exposure and contrast ranges were.
But now, with everything computerised, there are no contact prints. An index sheet merely acts as that: a picture index with each picture, auto levels adjusted by a machine, reduced in size and neatly lined up on a sheet of paper.
Machines, Adobe Photoshop, etc., have made lab processes faster and easier, I have no right to complain, but there is nothing like doing it yourself (in a lab?) and mind you, a computer too, is also a tool; makes sense to be operated only by a guy who knows what he�s doing: and not let the machine do auto-processes.
Anita: the prize-giving pictures are both good.

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