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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Bowling for Columbine
Michael Moore�s documentary sure is historic document; a testament of our times as much as Woodstock was. As far the message goes, the film pretty much does what it is meant to do and effectively. Fine, so now what�s wrong with it? Hmm... interesting question!
As this documentary is purely purpose driven and therefore, having made his intentions and biases clear all the way through, you can never really target Moore for being just that: Biased, one sided and conservative in his own way. But in doing so, he has followed the same manipulative procedures of filmmaking that most of his detractors and most people Moore might even target in his films, use. By way of content he sure provides an antithesis to regular fare, but not by way of procedure.
Many historians would like us to believe that America was the antithesis for the communists; America, AKA the �free world�, is very different from all that it has decreed to be its enemies. Film-historians would beg to differ. Russian manipulative montage was never different from Frank Capra.
Just when my arguments seem to be going all over the place just like in ...Columbine. I have to find a thread and anchor it. Providing alternatives does not stop with alternative thoughts, but by alternative action and alternative being. Today a thought might be against a dogma, tomorrow, this very thought could become the new dogma, or worse, usurped and co-opted by never-ending conservatism and made toothless. Eventually not serving out the true purpose of providing alternatives. Look what happened to Woodstock, look what happened to Jesus. Alternative thought serves a purpose, but only as a seed for alternative being. Alternative being provides the real antithesis. And yet again, an alternative is pointless if there is nothing to rebel against. And that is when you know the Romans have become Christians and big record companies make double platinums out of protest songs. You are one more sellable clown who makes money for being �different� and �cool� and �anti-establishment� a living oxymoron of the �conservative liberal�.

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