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Thursday, May 29, 2003

UnRelianceable and the Lynx browser
Apropos (that�s and old word!) Kribs' post on giving back his Reliance Mobile, I suddenly am in the midst of quite a few such complainants, even though I personally have no reason yet to give up my phone(at least not until the bills come in). In fact the last thing I would want to do is to suddenly go out of contact on a familiar phone number and especially losing the number that sounds so rhythmically me.
This brings back memories of the days when I accessed the Internet on a shell account with a Lynx browser. I had an e-mail ID with Hotmail that I was similarly fond of and did not want to give up. But alas, when Microsoft took over, they put in some security features that took Hotmail out of the scope of a Lynx browser. At that time a shell account was all I could afford and so reluctantly let go of that early hotmail ID (it even had my undistorted full name without the irritating underscores and clumps of fancy numbers brought about by non-availability of usernames in later days).
I don�t know if I�d be forced out of what Kribs might call an unRelianceable phone connection. Touch the dark timber of Mirkwood! (Hmmm� that brings me to the topic of my next post!)

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