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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Children�s stories
I have heard quite a few great tales told to me as a child that I have grown to enjoy and understand differently in recent more adult times. Probably one thing that differentiates �mature� (hardly the right word) fiction from children�s stories is the way they are understood and interpreted. By sheer exposure and experience, adults seem to discern layers in a story that children might not. Not to say that children don�t like complex stories, they do, but children don�t read too much subtext: that is left for crooked older minds to discover. The Hobbit was no exception for me.
A very wild and apocryphal (even stupid) sub textual reading would be the seemingly prophetic parts of such epics. Saddam fell as suddenly as Smaug and the adventure climaxes with the real conflict over the sharing of the spoils. Save for �terrorist� goblins, the glorious warriors and politicians would have finished each other off on flimsy reasoning.

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