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Saturday, January 10, 2009

On why only pompous gits might read The Hindu

On the front page of today's Hindu is this classic headline:

"Order allowing plea challenging appointment of Ananth stayed" (link)

Now, unless you are Humphrey Appleby intent on throwing your interlocutor entirely out of the loop of understanding by unnecessarily, and by implication utterly callously employing a complicated syntax, thereby effacing your possibly deductible bias, while simultaneously projecting an air of informed formality and rigorous neutrality, obfuscating clarity by employing a redundant turn of phrase, and entirely out of the necessity of not creating unwanted non-negatives proving you are a pompous git, why would you write a headline such as that?

The Times of India on the other hand, spares our brains the gymnastics and says:
"HC backs Ananth as IIT-Madras head"


Can you think of other great headlines that can now be Hindufied? Here are a few. Add more in the comments.

Kurukshetra, 7th May 1040BC
Krishna clarifies stand on claims of his not referring to battle elephant while denying his lack of ignorance on the non-demise of Teacher's son

Jerusalem, 4th April 32
Pontius Pilate quashes rumours of his possible support to the alleged non-existence of the Judaen People's Front (J)

New Delhi, 30th January 1948
Paternal Parent of the Nation allegedly assaulted by possible man wielding projectile weapon resulting in no-uncertain termination of living functions of the former

Washinton DC, 20th July 1969
American President denies reports of him as not announcing possible lunar contact by humans

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Comments to On why only pompous gits might read The Hindu

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posted by Blogger புருனோ Bruno 

2:28 pm, January 10, 2009

From NPOV, the ToI heading is misleading and is Pro-Ananth

Hindu, however is Correct.

ToI headline is apt if the FINAL JUDGEMENT has been reported. (not for an interim order)

posted by Blogger புருனோ Bruno 

2:30 pm, January 10, 2009

Nice Applebyisms :)

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

10:04 pm, January 11, 2009

The twist of the language will rarely mirror the change of the times. As ambivalent as those headlines :)

posted by Blogger Anil P 

7:53 pm, March 05, 2009

Man! Sooo true!!! I mean Hindu writes in some over-the-head style and TOI generally writes in some average-indian-reader style. Though I somehow feel both of em overdo what they do!!
Anyway, gr8 blog!

posted by Blogger Suchithra 

3:37 pm, December 24, 2009

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