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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

RIP Minghella

The one time I met 'Ant' was when I blagged my way into his masterclass at the Watershed at Brief Encounters 2005. He was scripting Breaking and Entering then. I greatly admire his work on The English Patient and Cold Mountain. Minghella was a close collaborator of my favourite movie geek Walter Murch.

The book I'm currently reading, Charles Koppelman's Behind the Seen is a fascinating look at how Murch worked on Cold Mountain, and provides lots of insights into Anthony Minghella's workings as well. Was also lining up a viewing of Breaking and Entering, DVD courtesy a dear cousin. I shall now read the rest of the book and watch the movie, with a little bit of regret.

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I feel so familiar with Minghella's methods and his thinking about films because he is such a brilliant writer too - I am refering to the Minghella on Minghella edition of that directors on themselves series. It is a wonderful read.
Yet, I haven't seen a single movie of his completely, for whatever reason...

Incidentally I now have borrowed copies of English Patient which I would now hasten to complete. But I am just wondering which should go first - the book or the film!


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10:42 pm, March 19, 2008

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