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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Battle of Hoth, papercraft style

This New Year, (for whatever a change of date matters) I decided to finish last-year's unfinished business before resolving to take up anything new.

My papercraft AT-AT had been lying unfinished for a while now. Today, I decided to spend some quality time cutting and scoring and folding and pasting some limbs onto this baby.

For the full album including a picture of my own crumpled-t-shirted-in-messy-room-holidayness, visit my Facebook album Papercraft AT-AT.

Or if you drop in at my place, you can find me making funny ‘pew! pew! pew!’ laser sounds while manually articulating little paper gun-turrets.

You can find instructions and downloadable PDFs here. Yeah Yeah, the Japaneesu againu!


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remba vettiya irukiyo.. :)

posted by Anonymous scudie 

12:10 am, January 02, 2008

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