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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Comic book artists

Not quite Goscinny & Uderzo yet, but Mihir and I are getting there. This piece at Mihir's excellent illustration blog is the result of a little workshop we attended with French artist François Dermaut. The story was something that came up at the event, and the two of us decided to team up to storyboard and illustrate it.

The picture at The Hindu's website has Mihir talking to Dermaut, and in the far right corner standing behind Mihir, you can see me (actually only the piece of chart I was holding) in my very last public appearance sporting long hair.

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Comments to Comic book artists

I draw cartoons on my blog. Have you looked at these by any chance?

posted by Anonymous hari 

9:16 am, February 02, 2008

Here's something I and a colleague came up with for our office.

Interface's hiring
Illustrated by an awesome artist called Sam. Idea by me and the Pratheeb - stylised by Pratheeb.

Pr & I are planning to do a lot more of these stuff.

posted by Blogger Ravages/CC 

11:09 pm, February 09, 2008

This comment has been removed by the author.

posted by Blogger Susheel 

12:11 am, February 11, 2008

Hi Anand...

Took a look at the cartoon. Nice stuff.

Are we going to see more?

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

12:26 am, February 11, 2008

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