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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Could be purely anecdotal...

But, what I saw in Loyola earlier last week seemed quite revelatory. You see, things have moved on since when I studied there sometime last century. While my education was almost entirely subsidised by a UGC grant, there are a category of students today who pay fully for their courses. Loyola refers to them as the SS (self-supporting) stream.

Now since no respectable Indian educator would like to be seen to sell education, the government subsidised stream too continues to exists. I suppose Loyola has an interesting admission policy, but as an examiner, what I saw of the quality of the students was fairly appalling. As any old-boy is bound to bemoan, I lamented the shocking drop in standard in the more coveted regular stream—my successors.

Later I had a chance to meet the SS bunch. Now, these students are the ones who have paid for their seats, and as many teachers are bound to complain, are the ones who demand a degree simply because they have spent their money on it. The students of the 'subsidised class', on the other hand, are dutybound to gratefully accept their education. Also since they were choice candidates during admissions, the regular stream students are expected to perform well in their exams.

But guess who did better in my exams? I can only assume that those who paid for their education value it more than those who know they've got it cheap. Either that, or Loyola with its characteristic patronage dumps its rejects in the charity class.

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Comments to Could be purely anecdotal...

Yeah. Anecdotal. And most likely, the second of the conclusions would hold true.
When I was in the greatest institution of all times - DG Vaishnav, the evening college bozos (self-supported) fared rather badly compared to the ugc-subsidised folks.
But, I do think most of the eveningers are employed and earning well (leave me out) - not sure about the morning folks

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4:53 pm, April 24, 2007

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