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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What if, sometime in the next decade and a half...?

Despite my interest in political analysis and strategic affairs, I have rarely indulged in such activity on this blog.

As an obsessive fan of Kubrick, am researching his films for my dissertation, and thus watched Dr Strangelove... for probably the 50th time today.

Putting the two together, I'd like to play around a bit. What if India and Pakistan (I do not want to bring the Chinese in right away) were at the brink of war? Who would make the best wartime prime minister in India? I'd like you to come up with interesting scenarios from reasons for the war, through the course of history hence, and the major players, international repercussion etc.

While engaging in some far-fetched speculation, it would also do good for comic relief if just a few of us also went ahead with some over-the-top funny things to say as well.

To set the ball rolling:
Case #1
Jayalalitha(a?) is the Indian prime minister (don't ask me how, but I feel she'll make a really good wartime prime minister). I cannot think of a cabinet for her, I assume that LK Advani would be her defense minister. President is still Kalam (They decided to leave him as is, he means no harm). Musharraf has been assassinated by terrorist groups and Pakistan is in a state of civil war and general anarchy. A section of the army is in control of Islamabad, and they hold an uneasy power-sharing agreement with certain armed 'political' groups (speculatively linked to terrorists) that have invaded most of Afghanistan by now. Amma receives credible information that in the last 4 hours, despite the Pakistani army successfully controlling all its nuclear missile complexes, one of them has been wrenched away from the army by (one of the many) 'political' groups of uncertain loyalty. The Pakistani army's truce with the groups (they even have a loose umbrella organisation called the Movement for a Free Pakistan) has been compromised, and now the latter (or at-least one of the many groups, and we know nothing about that group as yet) have a trump card with them.

The Americans meanwhile, having been confined to certain parts of 'free' Afghanistan have been under heavy missile attack from the 'insurgent' controlled areas. The Pakistani army is in negotiations with the Americans, and seem to insinuate that 'rebels' and 'rogue elements' are responsible for these attacks, which have included attacks with nuclear tipped missiles.

What will Amma do next? Who're the leaders of America, Britain, Russia, China (do we know any Chinese politicians at all?), Israel, Iran and Australia? (These are specific countries I'd like to include in the picture) What are the relations between these countries, India and Pakistan like? What has India done meanwhile, internally, as well as in its immediate neighbourhood (Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)? Remember all this is to happen sometime in the next 12 to 15 years.

Either continue this thread, or feel free to start your own thread in the comments section.

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Comments to What if, sometime in the next decade and a half...?

I wd like to bring in Subramanian Swamy into the picture in some capacity.

posted by Blogger Chakra Sampath 

7:03 pm, August 10, 2005

ooh.. how about Dayandhi or Naidu as the tech specialist minister? They've been secretly working on some technology to jam missile target locking system. (now that would be foresight!)

posted by Blogger Manu 

9:28 pm, August 10, 2005

Annan Chakra Alaikiraar - Melum Vibarangaluku - ankuveer -

posted by Blogger Arjuna_Speaks 

2:17 am, August 15, 2005

Chakra: Now that is interesting ;)
Manu: Would be damned ironic if Amma was prime minister and Maran was in her cabinet!

posted by Blogger Anand 

10:54 pm, August 15, 2005

Have American hippies in Nepal play some role for the betterment of peoplekind.

Have some warhead disrupt the ecology of the glacier on LOC.

posted by Blogger YardBoy 

12:11 am, August 16, 2005

YB: American hippies in Nepal and the betterment of humankind? Sounds like words from an RHCP album!

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:09 pm, August 18, 2005

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