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Monday, July 25, 2005


Bristol had its annual Harbourside festival over the past weekend, and it had all the necessary hallmarks of a proper 'Thiruvizha' or 'Ejjibijan': Food stall from all over the world, rides, lots of people, and of course, music.

Well, a friend of mine needed somebody to handle the roving camera to film one of the gigs. Having convinced myself that I had become a 'sound' person, I took up the job with a certain amount of circumspection. But, after all, camera-work is what I trained for in Loyola, and that what I started off doing anyway.

Just realised that I'd lost none of it! As the gig progressed, I started having more fun. The advantage of operating the roving camera is exactly that: It is roving! Yet, to look at framing, exposure, focal length and focus, was a change from looking at sound level, microphone proximity, frequency response, and tape saturation.

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Comments to Camerawork

You still remember from 3 years ago.
Great job.

posted by Blogger satosphere 

2:11 am, July 27, 2005

Is this place close to the Millenium Square or is it in a different place?

Ejjibijan...Thiruvizha...Thamasa keedu ba!

posted by Blogger Twin-Gemini 

9:33 am, July 27, 2005

And yeah, I was quite impressed to see Raja Rammohan Roy's statue in Bristol!

posted by Blogger Twin-Gemini 

9:33 am, July 27, 2005

Sat: It's like bike riding.. you never forget! BTW I was in Loyola (if that's what you're referring to) five years ago!

Twin-Gemini: The festival events took place all around the harbour: Lloyds amphitheatre, The Waterfront, The Grove etc.. The gig I filmed was in Queen's square!
Raja Rammohan Roy was a proper Bristolian.. he lived here for a while and eventually died here. In fact, the city council flies the Indian flag as well! (I am not so sure if it is still around)

posted by Blogger Anand 

5:18 pm, July 27, 2005

I wish I cud remember the equations n concepts i learnt a month back..

My Manasaaatchi tells me "Nice Try"

posted by Blogger ioiio 

11:16 am, July 28, 2005

im trying to rembr my BE concepts...
& ippo... ejjibijan.. i mean.. thiruvizha le kanaama pona kozhanda maadri muzhikkaren!!

posted by Blogger viji 

6:41 pm, July 29, 2005

Hey Anand!
Good to see your comment on my blog. Its been a while...

posted by Blogger Danesh 

10:29 pm, July 31, 2005

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