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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Aaytha Ezhutthu
I listened to the music yesterday. Not many people seem to be too fond of it; I just have two or three �observations� of my own: I don�t mean to slot this music into any genre, or generalise its aspect too much, but very club-music-Daft-Punk-type stuff. Of course, this only goes to prove how dynamic Mani Ratnam�s tastes are. I also like the little jazz pieces that find themselves in the middle of things. One can expect a lot of �kalavai� in Rahman�s music: this one�s neat and tasteful.
In fact, I don�t think all of the tracks I have heard, would qualify as �songs�. Except for a couple of �sung� pieces, most, I suspect, would be prominent leitmotifs, themes etc.
I might sound dramatic, but just like the �aaytha ezhutthu� in the Tamil script, the music, according to me, cannot stand alone; neither can it begin anything (word). But when used inside a word, it goes to accentuate it. This music is meant to accentuate the visuals and not stand alone.
Aghthu! (Voila!)

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