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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Learning to let go
This was one topic we used to debate a great deal in Loyola. Where does ownership and authorship end? A piece of art � a painting, poetry or film, is after all a creation of a person - the artist. So the creator has all rights over his �baby� right? But this is not always possible. Sometimes, despite an auter�s attempts to be interpreted in one particular way, films are understood in a different, and sometimes even in a contradictory way. Do we just label it a failing of the director to communicate? There can never be perfect communication. So the best thing for a creator is to learn to let go. Once a creation goes into public domain, misinterpretation, over-interpretation, accolades and brickbats are all inevitable. Sometimes our creations seem to have minds and destinies of their own. For all the political, moral and ethical beliefs we stand for, we have to learn to let go.

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