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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Calling all Caws...
Every morning, lots of people in my neighbourhood follow the tradition of feeding the crows before eating. I do not know if the tradition warrants it, but most people make crow calls while placing food on ledges, parapets and balconies. Some people use the reasonable �Kaa Kaa� while others keep crowing for quite a while. There are those whose loud calls sound more like they are shooing away the crows; and there is a weak-voiced lady whose �Kaa Kaa� sounds more like a mobile phone SMS alert �Beep Beep�. My dad has an authoritarian call that sounds more like a warning to �better eat this�, while my grand mom calls out to �Krishna...�. When I was a kid I tried a real authentic crow imitation but nowadays I prefer not to call at all. After having heard a gamut of cries ranging from barks, to pleads, to beeps, to screams, today I herd a clincher. I guess we have new neighbours. The gentleman sounded like Toshiro Mifune in full force. The crows don�t seem to mind. They get nicely fed on hot cooked rice every morning; of course, they occasionally have to compete with some energetic chipmunks.

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