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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

FAB analysis of The Nation
Staying with the idea of marketing India, there is a difference between marketing for purely economic considerations, and marketing a �Nation� based on what it stands for. The battle for �Mindshare� over marketshare is an existing concept, and while marketing a nation, what is termed as �soft power� plays a huge role. Soft power is something nations, political ideologies, civilizations, religions, cultures etc. exercise. Compared to all other products in the same category (i.e. amongst all developing nations), India�s USP can be found in the strength of its democracy, and its constitutional fabric that is liberal, pluralistic, egalitarian and based on justice. Even though India�s political system leaves a lot to be desired, its fundamental fabric of democracy is strong even though very young. Not all our economic, strategic and cultural competitors can boast of that. Now the features are there, the benefits (what are eventually marketed) can easily be surmised: A long-term, geopolitical and economic partner in world politics, that would genuinely be admired by people, and not just lobbied for by vested interests.
This is how I would market India�s soft power for the long-term. Not by showing Bombay cinema and classical dancers with computers.

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