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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Henceforth, I am lawless
And I am happy. Let me explain. Our syllabus requires us to take this examination on media laws, but the problem is, it happens to be one of the most uninspiring tests to take; not because I think it is useless, for that matter I think it is very important, but in its present state, it is a difficult exam to get through. Today I am through with it!
I am no expert on law, but I guess the Indian judicial system needs to be altered. In their attempt at being watertight and perfect, our laws are so wordy that they lose their spirit amongst the letters. Take for example Britain, they have nothing written on paper, but yet they function because the judicial system knows the spirit of the constitution and the rule of the law, but I guess we are too caught up with words that there are so many wordy ways to subvert the intentions of the laws. That�s my personal take on this... hope I have not brought upon myself a criminal breach through a certain Contempt of Courts Act (1971). No I haven�t! All content on this blog is in Good Faith.

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